Come away with me






With this show we want to present less known, or not-yet-discovered, tourist jewels from countries all over the world. The goal is to make the listeners of Radio Si curious about the countries that are presented and perhaps convince them to spend their holidays there.

The show will be aired every second Sunday between 11:00 and 12:00 (and repeated on Thursday at 21:00). Together with foreign ambassadors  in Slovenia , we hope to discover the most beautiful places and hidden treasures, based on the personal experiences of our guests. From cuisine, music, culture and natural sights, to historical and other wonders and the way of life. The show is prepared by Lidija Petkovič and Ksenija Samardžija Matul.

Podcast you can find HERE.

Come away with Azerbaijan
16.10.2014 14:55

Our next Come Away With Me show takes us to a country which some people call ''A Land of Water'', Azerbaijan. Talking with us about this hidden gem connecting Europe and Asia will be Mr Azer Khudiyev, Charge d'affaires at the...

Come away with Nepal
22.09.2014 19:53

In this week's show we'll be taking you to the country of Nepal, dubbed by many as ''The Roof of the World''. Our guest will be Aswin Kumar Shrestha, Consul General of Nepal in Slovenia. Revealing to Lidija Petković why...

Come away with me to...Romania
08.09.2014 13:18

Our first edition of Come away with me after the summer break takes us to Romania. Join us this Sunday, September 14th, at 11am, and again on Thursday, September 18th, at 9pm. Ksenija Samardžija Matul will be talking to His...

Come Away With Croatia
17.06.2014 14:14

This week, we're going to ''visit'' our neighbouring country, Croatia, the youngest EU member. Lidija Petković will be hosting Her Excellency Vesna Terzić, Croatian Ambassador to Slovenia, who will be sharing her views on her...

Come Away With France
19.05.2014 16:06

Want to Come Away with us again? Join us on Sunday, 25 May, between 11:00 and 12:00, and again on Thursday, 29 May, between 21:00 and 22:00. Lidija Petković will be exploring the European country of France, by talking to His...

Come away with Slovakia
21.04.2014 19:48

Feel free to join us for the latest edition of the Come Away With Me show, on Sunday, 27 Apr, at 11am, and again on Thursday, 1 May, at 9pm. Lidija Petković has invited His Excellency Juraj Migaš, Slovakian Ambassador to...

Come away with Germany
04.04.2014 12:07

Join us for the next edition of Come Away With Me this Sunday, April 13th, at 11am, and again on Thursday, April 17th, at 9pm. Ksenija Samardžija Matul will be talking to Her Excellency Dr. Anna Elisabeth Prinz, German...

Come away with Japan
24.03.2014 11:23

The latest edition of Come Away With Me takes us to the Land of the Rising Sun! To hear more about Japanese people and their culture, feel free to join Lidija Petković talking to Japanese Ambassador to Slovenia, His Excellency...