Land of dreams

An audio documentary presenting true stories about foreigners in Slovenia.
We visit them, peek into their lives and daily routines.
Take a different look at the people that have come from abroad!
Has Slovenia fulfilled their expectations? Is it their land of dreams?

Prepared by Korab Jorgacieski

  Foto: Matej Lozar

On air every Wednesday at 11.20 - rebroadcast every Sunday at 14:30pm.

Listen to the show in our Opens internal link in current windowpodcast or here.

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Would you like to tell us your story and share your experience of coming and living in Slovenia?
If you’d like to take part and contribute to the show, or know of anyone that could, please write to us at with “for Land of Dreams” in the subject line. We’ll get b...

Slovenian roots

Slovenian Roots visits the descendants of Slovenes all around the world to find out what it’s like growing up Slovene and how they feel about their home away from home.

Slovenian Roots is produced by Michael Manske.

Listen to the show in our podcast.

Would you like to tell us your story and share your experience?
If you’d like to take part and contribute to the show, or know of anyone that could, please write to us at with “for Slovenian roots” in the subject line. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Tourist patrol

Foreigners in Slovenia visit towns and villages, checking what’s available for tourists and giving their real, unbiased opinions.
A joint project of the daily newspaper Dnevnik and Radio Si

Prepared by Ksenija Samardžija Matul and Lidija Petković

Listen to the show in our Opens internal link in current windowpodcast



Come away with me






With this show we want to present less known, or not-yet-discovered, tourist jewels from countries all over the world. The goal is to make the listeners of Radio Si curious about the countries that are presented and perhaps convince them to spend their holidays there.

The show will be aired every second Sunday between 11:00 and 12:00 (and repeated on Thursday at 21:00). Together with foreign ambassadors  in Slovenia , we hope to discover the most beautiful places and hidden treasures, based on the personal experiences of our guests. From cuisine, music, culture and natural sights, to historical and other wonders and the way of life. The show is prepared by Lidija Petkovič and Ksenija Samardžija Matul.

Podcast you can find HERE.

Highlights of the week

In ''HIGHLIGHTS of the WEEK'' we pick out the most important news from Slovenia, Europe and around the globe for that particular week.

We let you know what hit the headlines every Saturday, at 2:30pm and Sunday, at 10:20am.

Prepared by Ksenija Samardžija Matul and Lidija Petković.




My life, my music

Today’s journalism rarely offers a chance to get behind the face of many people in our society. My Life, My Music offers conversations that allow time to understand how the guest has reached  their goals and what is important to them. Along with 8 tracks of music chosen by the guest the programme takes a journey though many different personal philosophies with inspirational guests from all walks of life.

The show is prepared by Chris Wherry.

Every two weeks on Sunday at 11.00 and on Thursday at 21.00 on Radio Si.

Listen to the shows in our podcast

Do you feel Slovenia

We gladly present the Radio Si quiz show: Do you feel Slovenia?

How well do foreign visitors know Slovenia?
How well do they feel Slovenia?
Two foreigners face it off in a brand new quiz show on Radio Si!

In the morning show every Tuesday at 8:35, and every Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning!

Prepared by Veronika Žajdela and Korab Jorgacieski.

Listen to the show in our podcast.



Second hand

Second hand looks at the trend of recycling existing music in the form of samples, remixes and covers - although sometimes these modifications are actually flagrant violations of copyright laws...
Some artists use without acknowledging where they got it, so we decided to take a closer look. The result: a huge number of hits are credited to the wrong musician, while the people who really wrote it remain ignored.
Listen to the original and the adaptation and familiarize yourself with what's going on in the music industry - you'll be surprised by how many of your idols have built their reputation on the shoulders of others.
The show is prepared by Mišel Vugrinec and you can hear it every Wednesday and Saturday at 18.35 ... Only on Radio Si.


Slovenia facts

Little facts about a small country that is all-too-often overlooked: Slovenia. From people to places, from history to today, you'll hear about all the things that make Slovenia special and different. Even Slovenes may learn something new about their homeland.

Slovenia facts are prepared by Michael Manske.

You can listen to the show every day at 11.20 and 15.20.

Talk Slovenia

Interesting people from around Slovenia gather to discuss some of the most interesting topics of the day. Our guests debate and share their opinions on all facets of life in the country. At a running time of 45 minutes, it's possible to get an in-depth perspective on the hottest topics of the day.

2013 marks a new focus on discussion programmes and the International Community with "Talk Slovenia". This series of 12 discussion programmes will focus on matters of importance here in Slovenia.

From Jugoslavia to Slovenia, finance, international business, tourism, journalism, education and health. The programme will be transmitted on Radio Si and also made available in it's entirety as a podcast on Radio Si's web site HERE.

The moderator this year is Chris Wherry.


Barviti koščki jutra sestavljajo celoto mozaika, s katerim vas dnevno po jutranjem prebujanju pripravimo na dan. Od pon do petka ste tako deležni izčrpnih aktualnih novic ob polni uri v angleškem in nemškem jeziku, posredujemo Vam aktualne informacije o dogajanju po državi, osvetlimo dogodke, ki bodo zaznamovali dan na družbenem, političnem in kulturnem področju, z gosti pa dnevno med 10. sledimo redeči niti našega radia: pravočasno obveščanje v treh jezikih o kulturnih, športnih in turističnih prireditvah. In celoto mozaika zaokrožuje skrbno izbrana glasbena oprema, ki je zagotovo edinstvena v slovenskem radijskem prostoru!

Fresh cut

Fresh Cut is for music lovers who want to keep up with what's going on in music production today. Every day we offer you fresh music news from both the mainstream and other genres.
Having checked the music worthy of your ears, you can also get your dose of Fresh Cuts from Monday to Friday at 13:20, 17:20 and 20:20! A weekly wrap-up show can be heard every Saturday at 20:00 in the show Fresh Hour!


Fresh Cut je rubrika namenjena predvsem glasbenim zanesenjakom, ki želijo ohranjati stik z aktualno glasbeno produkcijo. Dnevno vam v njej predstavljamo sveže glasbene novosti tako iz mainstreamovskih kot ostalih trendovskih žanrov. Ob preverjeni glasbi vredni Vaših ušes, ki jo vrtimo 24 ur na dan vam rubriko Fresh Cut ponujamo...

The Story of Rock

Rock music started to appear in the 50's rock and roll days of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course the King, Elvis Presley. The 60's brought the Stones, the Beatles, Hendrix, the Supremes and Psychedelia. The 70's became harder with Led Zepplin and more progressive rock, David Bowie and the Sex Pistols. MTV appeared in the 80's and the very visual artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince were definitely among the big names. Adding to this the internet and digital music meant the 90's threatened the big record labels allowing the appearance of Hip-Hop, alternative and acts like Nirvana, REM Pearl Jam and even Britney Spears! The story is wide open with many styles of rock including dance, metal, thrash, garage and so much more.
Join me, Chris Wherry, on this journe...

Respect the artist

We are in search of respected Artists from all over the globe, bringing you their stories, reports and trailers about their upcoming gigs in Slovenia and nearby.

Music is what feelings sound like. And if painters paint pictures on canvas, musicians paint their pictures on silence and numbness. Without these people our lifes would have no light nor love. And that is why the team of Respect the Artist is so keen on trying to reach the people that make music for all of us.

Tune in every Tuesday at 4:30 and 8:30 p.m. only on Radio Slovenia International.

Adventure kick

Vsak mesec druga adrenalinska pustolovščina za poslušalce Radia Si, vsak dan možnost, da se nekomu uresničijo sanje.
Kdo si sploh upa ali kdo si želi?
Vsak mesec popeljemo na preizkušnjo nekaj svojih poslušalcev, ki si doživetje prislužijo z odgovori na nagradna vprašanja vsak dan na Radiu Si.

Euranet plus

Euranet plus is the continuation of a common project of European radio stations that began in 2008. It brings together private and public radio stations from 13 EU states. Seven are public broadcasters, the rest are private. These countries together account for nearly 359 million people of the 502 million living in the European Union. The strategic mission, as agreed upon with the EBU, is to join together with radio stations from the remaining countries by 2016.

Radio Si coordinates and prepares various shows about Euripean affairs, which are broadcast on the news programmes and special shows of Radio Slovenija. Of the 70 minutes of programming a week, the biggest portion goes to news and information broadcasts, although there is also a special weekly show, Euranet, w...


Every day at 13.30 and 19.30 TIMELESS remembers the unforgettable traces of musical giants. Relax and enjoy the great classics.

Vsak dan Vas v rubriki TIMELESS spomnimo na neizbrisljive sledi glasbenih velikanov in vam prikličemo spomine, ponujamo sprostitev in Vas ob pol drugi opomnimo, da je  čas za vdih pred popoldanskim vrvežem ... Če Vam prija Vas ob pol osmih čaka še en TIMELESS, in minute čiste glasbe.

Fresh Hour

This show airs every Saturday at 8 p.m. and looks back at the Fresh Cuts that aired over the previous week. All the newest, greatest singles collected in one place and one hour: Fresh hour!

Odaja FRESH HOUR, ki je na sporedu vsako soboto ob 20h, prinaša tedenski pregled glasbenih novosti s povdarkom na ponovitvi rubrik Fresh Cut. Ker gre za izbrano glasbo zadnjega datuma je za vse ljubitelje aktualnih ritmov svetovne glasbene produkcije oddaja ultimativno čtivo, ki ga ne gre prezreti,... ostalim pa prijeten uvod v sobotni večer.

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