Come away with Albania 23.02.2016 12:35

Albania is a country rich in rivers. They create numerous valleys with spectacular views and offer opportunities of water sports. We should mention here the Osumi Canyons in Skrapar, Gradec canyon in Osumi river, Këlcyra gorge in Vjosa river, the canyons of Bënça in the Kurvelesh area, the valleys of Valbona and Shala in the Albanian Alps, Skorana gorge on Erzeni river, etc. You will also find waterfalls with a magnificent view.

Come Away With Me is back!

The ''first'' show in the line will be hosting His Excellency Mr Pëllumb Qazimi, Ambassador of Albania to Slovenia.

Those who are new to the country of Albania will have a chance to hear more about its unspoiled rugged coastline, rich cultural and historic heritage, secrets to the success of Albanian ice-cream businesses, both at home and abroad, still present family blood feuds or ''vendettas'', its aspirations to join the EU and much more.

The nearly one-hour show will introduce several songs only by Albanian artists, chosen by the Ambassador.

Join us on Sunday, 13 Mar, 11:00, and again on Thursday, 17 Mar, 21:00.

The show was prepared by Lidija Petković and edited by Peter Kopše Pišec.


All the photographs and descriptions have been contributed by the Albanian Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

His Excellency Pëllumb Qazimi
The ancient city of Butrint is part of UNESCO World Heritage, which is one of the most visited places by foreign tourists. It lies south of Albania, 18 km from the coastal city of Saranda having a pretty good position in front of the Greek island of Corfu. Butrint is part of UNESCO since 1992 and has the status of an Archaeological Part, representing at the same time a National Park.
The city of Gjirokastra with its specific architecture, is part of UNESCO since 2005. Because of its architecture, Gjirokastra is also known as “The Stone City” or “City of a thousand stairs”. The main attraction is the Castle, also known as the Castle of Argyro, where is also found the Museum of Guns.
The city of Berat, part of the elite of UNESCO World Heritage since 2006, is one the oldest cities of Albania, nearly 2415 years old. Berat is also known as the “City of thousand windows”. There you can find the Museum of Onufri paintings (the famous Albanian Iconography).
An important part of the oral world heritage of mankind (of UNESCO) is also the Albanian Iso-polyphony. This old way of singing without musical instruments is widespread in the regions of Southern Albania.
Shkodra, known as the “capital of north Albania” it is one of the oldest cities in the country. Near to Shkodra is the Lake of Shkodra which is the largest lake of the Balkan Peninsula. Except of the other thing you can visit the very old castle of Rozafa.
The city of Saranda is the largest inhabited center of the “Albanian Riviera” and one of the most important tourist sites of the country. The city has a very favourable geographical position, as it is located only 9 km away from Corfu Island.
Tirana, the heart and capital of Albania, like all other European metropolises has a never-ending movement and energy. With its clubs, pubs, cafes, and taverns, Tirana is worth to discover, both day and night. The value and hospitality shown towards tourists is something that will mark your journey not only in Tirana but also all over the country.
Besides the sea coast, inland, Albania offers countless opportunities for practicing other types of natural tourism, practicing the skiing sports and other activities. Places where the winter sports are practiced are Voskopoja in the South East of the country and in the Albanian Alps in the North. The territory of Albania offers numerals opportunities for trekking activities and mountain climbing, especially during the warm season.
Shengjin beach is a sandy beach in the district of Lezha. Shengjin is well known for the quality of its sand. This beach has 200-300 sunny days a year. In the north of Shengjin, lies protected from the wind, the wonderful beach called “Rana e Hedhun”.
Nowadays, visitors and tourists can purchase items and souvenirs of the Albanian crafts during their stay. The main bazaar to buy these items is that of Kruja, which is located at the entrance to the castle. Other stores of this type are also found in Tirana, Shkodra, Berat, Gjirokastra, etc.
Ksamil beach is located south of the city of Saranda and near the ancient city of Butrint. Tourists usually are interested to go the most frequented beach of Ksamil. Close to Ksamil beach you will find four small islands, completely covered by green Mediterranean vegetation. Their total area amounts to 8,9 hectares. In Ksamil, you will find several hotels and restaurants.
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