Land of Dreams: Bouziane Boughazi30.11.2016 09:37

This week we visit Bouziane Boughazi, an Algerian who has been living in Slovenia for 34 years now! He first arrived in Ljubljana as a student when this was still Yugoslavia. He then met his wife and eventually decided to settle down in Maribor. We sat down with Bouziane over a cup of Algerian tea and touched on the stress-free student life of the 1980s and the large African community of students at that time. Bouziane says there is big a difference between life then and life now, but says he feels as a Slovenian and hopes to live out his life in Slovenia.

On air on Radio Slovenia International this Wednesday, the 30th of November at 11:20 - rebroadcast on Sunday, the 04th of December at 14:30.

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