Land of Dreams: Mark Volcansek09.01.2017 14:01

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Land of Dreams from the heart of bear country and ice skating on a frozen river. Meet Mark Volcansek, a Canadian living in Kočevje.

Mark's father and mother, originally from Brežice, immigrated to Canada in the 1960s. As the youngest of four children Mark decided to make the journey back to Slovenia. Today he has a Slovenian wife and daughter, all happily living in Kočevje.

On air on Radio Slovenia International this Wednesday, the 11th of January at 11:20 - rebroadcast on Sunday, the 15th of January at 14:30.

Land of Dreams: Niels Barends
07.02.2017 20:43

Niels Barends is a psychologist from Amsterdam who lives in Slovenia. Niels has been here for more than two years now, he came because of a Slovenian lady, and his plan is to keep on living in Ljubljana for as long as he's alive....

Land of Dreams: Natalie Nicholls
23.01.2017 08:59

Meet Natalie Nicholls, a British native speaker living and working in Koper! She came to Slovenia at the age of 18, not because of love, but in search of work and new experiences. Today she has her own language school, three...

Land of Dreams: Marko Mandir
27.12.2016 18:21

Meet Marko Mandir, a Croatian opera singer living and working in Maribor. He came to Slovenia 13 years ago because of woman. Today he sings in the Slovene National Theatre, in a Croatian »klapa« in Maribor, and from time to time...

Land of Dreams: Dan Zhu
13.12.2016 12:03

After Beijing and New York in Slovenia! A violinist since the age of 4, Dan Zhu has been playing music for 30 years now, performing on concert stages across the world. Dan says being in Slovenia makes him at ease and gives a...

Land of Dreams: Bouziane Boughazi
30.11.2016 09:37

This week we visit Bouziane Boughazi, an Algerian who has been living in Slovenia for 34 years now! He first arrived in Ljubljana as a student when this was still Yugoslavia. He then met his wife and eventually decided to settle...

Land of Dreams: Simone Micheilen
15.11.2016 11:43

Simone Micheilin is a Dutch woman who says her home and roots are now in Slovenia! What happened was she arrived in Slovenia on a Saturday, saw a house on Sunday, went to the Upravna enota on Monday, and then left Slovenia on...

Land of Dreams: Alexander Brown
17.10.2016 14:02

Alexander Brown is a retired opera singer now living in the village of Studeno near Postojna. Eighteen years ago he made the decision to replace the big city opera stages for a quiter life in Slovenia.Alexander is a British...

Land of Dreams: Gregoire Vincent and L.B.
04.10.2016 22:58

Meet Gregoire Vincent and his faithful dog L.B. A French man and a Slovak dog. They followed the direction the wind was blowing and ended up on a farm in Slovenia. A man of nature, a shepherd, a farmer and an animal lover,...