Writer and Illustrator - Manica Musil23.11.2016 11:33

The wonderful art of Manica Musil

When I saw the illustrations that Manica Musil had made using various fabrics I had to discover more. Her interesting journey through architecture to writer is fascinating and her love of creating something special for children is something very beautiful, whether you are a child of 3 or one of 67. Take a look at to see what we are discussing.

Artistic Director of SNG Maribor - Simon Krečič
14.03.2017 22:21

For the 250th show in this series I chose someone from an establishment that provides great entertainment for us all, SNG Maribor. The Artist Director, Simon Krečič, has to be a great musician, an inspired conductor, a...

Writer and Musician - Marko Vezovišek
02.03.2017 21:50

To say Marko Vezovišek is a writer and musician tells only a small part of his story. Since the late 70's he has produced musicals, music from Punk to Ska and New Wave and also writes and acts in films. His stories are full of...

Matej Patljak - Assistant Director - Kino Slovenska Bistrica
19.02.2017 09:38

You have to be totally dedicated to run a small cinema, to believe in what you are doing and offer much more than just the latest films. Matej is all of that and more, this is a very personal journey, and totally inspirational!

Vice President of the Slovene Tourist Association - Dominik Černjak
03.02.2017 21:21

With his work and team creating holidays for the young and many other areas of involvement Dominik Černjak has a lot of experience in the world of tourism. He has an interesting approach to group holidays that are clearly...

Adventurer - Bruno Baumann
05.01.2017 11:11

Bruno Bauman wanted to explore the world from a very early age and his story is a remarkable one of determination and discovery. If you need inspiration to follow your dreams then this show is a must. Plus some great music to add...

Prison Priest - Robert Friskovec
25.12.2016 10:58

There is much to think about when it comes to understanding those who have broken society's rules. Do we really need retribution or should we try to understand why? Try to help and make those who have broken the rules grow and...

Slovenia ski trainer - Peter Pen
10.12.2016 22:14

Peter Pen is not just a great skier but an impressive team builder. Recent results have cklearly shown this with the team off to a great start this season. He clearly loves the sport and with so much experience as a trainer he...

Cathal Poiteir
21.11.2016 12:34

This week I talked to an Irish writer who was visting Maribor for 8 weeks to write stories in his home language of Gaelic. Cathal Portier has worked as a writer, poet and broadcaster and the show includes many amusing stories...