Tourism18.06.2014 10:42

A Discussion on Tourism

Tourism represents 12% of Slovenia's gross domestic income so it's important!

This discussion highlights the many issues that surround the success and future of the industry. I am joined in the studio by mag. Karmen Novarlič Head of Tourism - Spirit Slovenia, Mr Iztok Altbauer Director of the Comunity of Slovene Spa-Healing Facilities, Mrs Eva Štravs/Podlogar Director of the Tourist Board Bled and Mr Varsec/Rednik Marketing Manager of Terme Olimia. 

Ljubljana Advances
16.12.2016 13:00

It not may be clear to everyone that other countries around Europe see Slovenia and its capital Ljubljana as a leading example of making a city clean more pedestrian friendly and remarkably good at organising both waste and city...

A conversation with Prime Minister Dr. Miro Cerar
04.04.2016 17:06

The refugee situation is occupying the minds of much of Europe, so knowing that the Slovene Prime Minister was directly involved in many of the important discussions about this complex situation I invited him to the studio to...

Foreign Direct Investment discussion
17.10.2014 18:59

The FDI conference organised by the Slovenia Times and AmCham will commence next week. A perfect time to discuss the issues on Talk Slovenia. From the 22 October 2014 – The FDI 2014 will be an executive-level business conference...

Crime and Punishment
08.09.2014 09:52

Does anyone really believe that sending those who have committed crimes to prison will change their behaviour? Is our society really mature about the way we see offences against our moral and evolved legal rules? If you really...

Talk Slovenia - America
17.04.2014 14:10

If you have eve wondered about the strength of the relationship between Slovenia and America here are some clear answers. This discussion brings together H.E. Joseph Mussomeli, America's ambassador to Slovenia and H.E.Roman Kirc,...

Social Unrest
26.03.2014 20:09

My guests this month discuss the issues around the unrest in Maribor in 2012 and explain what has / has not been achieved as a result. This show contains some strong views!

Talk Slovenia - Slovene music
19.02.2014 13:29

This show was recorded following an idea from media students of the British International School in Ljubljana. They felt that on local radio stations there was considerably less Slovene Music than international hits and wanted to...

Talk Slovenia - Animal Welfare
14.02.2014 10:24

There are many issues surrounding the way we care for animals. Wild animals and their habitats are constantly threatened by peoples activities and their cars. Farm animals are part of our way of life but are we making sure they...