The Story of Rock11.12.2013 15:05

Rock music started to appear in the 50's rock and roll days of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course the King, Elvis Presley. The 60's brought the Stones, the Beatles, Hendrix, the Supremes and Psychedelia. The 70's became harder with Led Zepplin and more progressive rock, David Bowie and the Sex Pistols. MTV appeared in the 80's and the very visual artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince were definitely among the big names. Adding to this the internet and digital music meant the 90's threatened the big record labels allowing the appearance of Hip-Hop, alternative and acts like Nirvana, REM Pearl Jam and even Britney Spears! The story is wide open with many styles of rock including dance, metal, thrash, garage and so much more.
Join me, Chris Wherry, on this journey; a chance to hear, or re-live, some of the great, and not so great, sounds of 60 years of rock with stories of the artists and some understanding of the changes that took place throughout this time.

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